HMRC is home to over 4 million images that highlight day-to-day activity in Houston and Texas, with coverage from the 1860s to the 1980s. The collection covers subjects such as farming, industry, oil exploration, transportation, architecture, and natural disasters, as well as festivals, parades, and cultural, civic, and sporting events. Particular strengths of the collection are news and commercial photography.


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Frank Schlueter/Bank of the Southwest Photographs - MSS 0100
Images of skylines, construction, oil fields, industry, agriculture, rural life, Houston’s port and ship channel, social occasions, and Houston’s citizens, 1907-1943
Gregorio Torres Valerio Collection - MSS 0101
Images of everyday life in the postwar Mexican American community by the Valerio Photography Studio
HMRC Photo Collection - MSS 0114
Images of Houston over time collected by HMRC
Lydia Mendoza Papers - MSS 0123
Images of Lydia Mendoza and other musicians, 1931-1970s
Business Album of Houston - MSS 0145
Images of various Houston businesses from a 1911 album
Houston Photograph Collection - MSS 0157
More images of Houston over time collected by HMRC
John J. Herrera Papers - MSS 0160
Images of John Herrera and others related to his career as an attorney, involvement in LULAC, and his political activity, 1940s-1970s
Bagby Family Photographs - MSS 0176
Glass plate and film portraits, 1890s and early 1900s
Postcard Collection - MSS 0187
Houston postcards collected by HMRC
Greek Community Collection - MSS 0199
Images of the early Greek community in Houston, 1915-1945
Gray Studio/Arla Bintliff Photographs - MSS 0215
Glass plate portraits from the Gray Studio
Lesley Lewis Walker Photographs - MSS 0253
Images of airplanes, racing cars, motorcycles, and scenes from Panama, 1900s-1940s
Litterst-Dixon Photographs - MSS 1248
Images from the Houston commercial photography studio of Litterst and Dixon, 1850 through 1967
NASA parade Houston Post Photographs - RG D 0006
News photography from the Houston Post photo library, 1941-1989
Texas Jazz Archive - RG E 0071
Images of Houston jazz musicians and venues