The Houston Public Library Digital Archives includes digital archival material from the following repositories, libraries, and special projects: 

  • Houston Public Library’s Special Collections: 
    • African American Library at the Gregory School
    • Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research
    • Houston Metropolitan Research Center 
  • Bellaire City Library Digital Archives 
  • Astrodome Memories 
  • Including materials from the Harris County Archives 

Each repository or library is an expert in their own materials. The text under each item on HPL Digital Archives documents which repository or library the materials come from. The contact information for each is below: 

African American Library at the Gregory School 1300 Victor Street Houston, Texas 77019 Phone: 832-393-1440

Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research 5300 Caroline Houston, Texas 77004 Phone: 832-393-2600

Houston Metropolitan Research Center 550 McKinney St. Houston, Texas 77002 Phone: 832-393-1662

Bellaire City Library Digital Archives 5111 Jessamine Bellaire, TX 77401 Phone: 713-662-8160 Fax: 713-662-8169

Library Harris County Archives 11525 Todd Street Suite 300 Houston, Texas 77055 Phone: 713-274-9683

For feedback about HPL Digital Archives itself, please contact any of the Houston Public Library Special Collections and the information will be forwarded on to the correct internal department.