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Film: The Astrodome
Film Date: 1965
Date Digitized: Nov. 22, 2011
Presented by: Associated Stadium Architects, Lloyd, Morgan & Jones, AIA, Wilson, Morris, Crain & Anderson, AIA; H. A. Lott, Inc. in association with Johnson, Drake & Piper, Inc., General Contractors; and by American Bridge Divisoin, United States Steel Corporation; Houston Astros Baseball Club, Houston Sports Association
Narrated by: Tom Overton
Technical Consultant: Robert J. Minchew
Original Music Composed and Conducted by: Christopher Trussell
Produced by: Paul Peters, Houston
Duration: 28 minutes, 39 seconds

Description: Describes the features and technological advances reached with the construction of the Houston Astrodome, the world's first covered sports arena, which opened on April 9, 1965. Includes footage of the ground breaking on January 3, 1962 as well as the complete construction process accompanied by an explanation of the steps taken by construction workers. Key features described include the air conditioning and climate control systems, an advanced sound system, the natural and artificial lighting systems, print, radio and television hook-ups, and the installation of the initial 45,000 seats. Footage from the first Astros baseball game played in the Astrodome on April 9, 1965, as well as mention of the coating of the skylights after the opening to help reduce the light level and glare, which bothered players.


The digital preservation of this film was made possible by a grant to the Texas Archive of the Moving Image and the Houston Public Library from the Texas State Library and Archives Commission and the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services.